Reading every day is fun!  Here are some tips to help your child grow as a reader:

  1. Cuddle up with your child and share a great book every day!  
  2. Have your child read his/her books to you from their reading bag every day.
  3. Read a book of your own while your child reads his/her own books.
  4. When preparing family meals, include your child in the process.  Show how you use a recipe when cooking.  Have your child find and measure out the ingredients, then put all the ingredients together for the meal.
  5. Have your child help write the family grocery shopping list.  Include your child in the shopping trip.  Your child can read the list and find the items on the grocery shelves.
  6. Take your child to the library on a weekly or monthly basis.  Check out books that are interesting to you and your child.  The Pigeon books by Mo Willems are kindergarten favorites!  Check out your own books for enjoyment as well!

Owl with book